Surprise ! We just did a thing...

Spring has sprung and there seems to be a glimmer of an awakening in the air. The world is shifting and resurrecting from the unpredictable upheavals 2020 brought us. I feel like the real work in the world begins now that everyone's self awareness is more sharpened, thanks to #COVID-19. We've all learned new ways of living and taking care of all aspects of our health, now hoping for a feeling of normalcy once these Vaccines role out in this new world we're living in. The unraveling of Justice for George Floyd in the courts has us all testing our faith in a mustard seed. It's the glory in our thinking our faith is only as strong as the object in which its placed. It's also where the life altering turn our beloved #Kissans, farmers across the world are experiencing, the act of growing a mustard seed is slipping from their hands. While we chip away behind the scenes for our launch of new Liquid Lipsticks, Eyelashes and so much more at Lotus Luxe Cosmetics  on 04.20.2021,  I needed to start from these emanation's as they tug away at my heart. 

Indulging in healthy ways to focus positivity within ourselves and fuel us is the beginning to boost our spirits. How lucky are we to do just that in the world of makeup ! Lipstick for me has always been my 'pick me up'. It shouts to you that it's ok to be yourself. There's so much power that exudes out of picking a color, applying it, taking a glimpse in the mirror and you feel the change you want to see. Why couldn't these little wands of lipstick hold the power to changing the acts of inhumanity around us and uphold us higher? We can with each shopping experience on our website ! You can give back by adding a $1.00 to each purchase DIRECTLY to #BLM related charities, #KhalsaAid & other global causes that are near and dear to me (just click the + sign and scroll down to confirm chosen charity or distribute equally to all listed charities). It's enlightening to feel you all walking beside each other for the same causes and knowing we will #GetThereTogether  realizing there is Power of Unity Within Color.

It is not necessary to have great faith; even a small faith is enough, as long as it is faith in the great ! 

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