Color Me & You...

Peacock Praying Mantis Shrimp & Makeup

Stuck inside as we have the authorities able question anyone for non-essential travel. I guess everyone's freedom is restricted but for the sake of our health, I sit on the borderline with these restrictions. C'est la vie, I either find myself going down the rabbit hole of Netflix where I came across 'Life In Color' a closer look at nature and it's creatures ability to see in different pixels of color. Just to put things into perspective (no pun intended lol) some parts of nature see beyond the 3 color receptors us humans can see in. Then it appeared on screen the most strange, beautiful creations to my eyes... The Peacock Mantis Shrimp. Yes, you read that right a type of shrimp, half peacock like feathers on its ends, its eyes work interdependently of one another and can see  in different directions (are you ready for this?) 12 color receptors, at the same time ! This was astounding that these creatures not only use the ability through color to attract mates much like humans do with makeup to make themselves look attractive but to also look attractive to others, makes us so similar to how this plays out in our human lives. This really opened my eyes and got me thinking, what other colors are there? We understand our primary spectrum and the different lightening/darkening of the same colors but what if there are other shades out there we can't see because of our limited receptors. When we go to purchase cosmetics we're either looking to match shades to our skin tones or looking to see what shades compliment our tones. What a change it would be for us to go beyond the colors we know.

And on that thought, the inspiration behind our summer collection is in full effect.