About Us

Welcome to Lotus Luxe Cosmetics
We have a major obsession with lips, make-up and colors so Lotus Luxe decided to craft the most vibrant long wearing products! We offer an exceptional high quality cosmetic line with affordable pricing. As we grow our mission is to bring our clients a boutique luxury shopping experience as quick as a click online, wherever you are in the world. With that said, we also don't shy away from using our cosmetic line to support and donate towards global causes, one makeup product at a time. 
Your beauty is something between pure elegance and a fantasy so dare to become the best version of you. Our products are made for all artists, enthusiasts beginner or pro, we're here to support your colorful expressions.
Become inspired by our many visions on Instagram @LotusLuxe. We encourage you to hash tag #LotusLuxe to feature your luscious looks on our page.